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Experience When it Matters Most

As mothers and former nannies, we understand all of the emotions that accompany welcoming a new baby (or even babies!) into the family. Postpartum is a time filled with excitement, laughter and love…and let’s be honest, exhaustion too. But we’re here to help. Whether an ABC night nanny, Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula is with your family for a few weeks or a few months you can rest assured that they have been carefully screened, thoroughly vetted and hand-selected to provide non-judgmental support, guidance and relief when it’s needed most.


Overnight Nannies
Let’s Get You Some Sleep

Experienced nannies are our speciality—day and night. Our night nanny service is ideal for parents who need a little extra support and some much needed sleep. Night nannies are experienced nannies who love infants and specialize in overnight shifts. From the moment you arrive home from the hospital until your baby is sleeping through the night, they can help. Under your direction and guidance, a night nanny will provide nurturing care for your infant and assist with the baby-related household chores. Rest easy, we’ve got you covered.


Newborn Care Specialists
The Baby Experts

NCS’s are typically experienced nannies who’ve specialized in the care and well being of newborns. Their role is to care for your baby’s every need as well as support and educate you, as new parents, on all things newborn-related. NCS’s are well versed in healthy sleep patterns, food allergies and intolerances, swaddling techniques, and often have experience working with preemies and multiples. Our NCS’s are available for overnight shifts, daytime shifts and even around-the-clock care, from 4 hours/day to 24/7 coverage for up to 6 months, we can help.


Postpartum Doulas
Mothering the Mother

Arranging much-needed postpartum help is just a phone call away. Our Postpartum Doulas provide support to the postpartum family in the first few weeks following the birth of a new baby. We know it takes a village—consider a PPD part of your village. With a focus on maternal care and parental guidance, support, and education, our PPDs will rally around you while you bond with your baby. They’ll snuggle your sweet baby so you can take a quick nap, whip you up a quick snack, or even assist with light household chores if that’s what you need. The focus is you, so you can focus on your baby.

Stress-Free Scheduling & Competitive Pricing

We understand flexibility is a must at this stage in life. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the process of hiring the ideal night nanny, Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula is quick, simple and stress free so you can focus on what matters most. Our knowledgeable professionals can be scheduled from 2-7 days/nights per week. Care can be arranged on an as-needed or on a more consistent basis, from 4-8 hours per day, to 8-12 hours per night, to round the clock coverage. And remember, great providers book up quickly, often months in advance, so don’t delay. Contact us today.

Our fee structure is on competitive with other established in-home placement agencies across the nation. We’re not the cheapest (yes, the cat’s out of the bag) in the marketplace, but we believe we earn our fees. Rather than inflate the caregivers’ hourly rate and take our cut from the top (without employing them, as many do, which is a legal gray area) or have our night nannies, NCS’s or PPD’s pay us a portion of their wage per hour, our fee structure is simple and straightforward: one consistent fee, per day or night, per employee. And because we know you have other options in the marketplace, we’ll work hard, day-in and day-out, to win your business now, and for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions


WHO’s best for us?

Let us help. Contact our office to speak with our trained consultants to help you determine which infant care expert best fits your needs.



Our professional opinion: the sooner the better if you can. But not to worry for all of those last-minuters…we can help you too! We’ve got this.


WHERE Does care Take pLace?

Whether you’re hiring a night nanny, an NCS or a PPD, care will always be located in your private home.



Although we utilize every possible recruiting avenue to attract the best infant care specialist in the market, the majority of candidates still come through personal referrals or have been placed previously by ABC.

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Our screening process is rigorous and uncompromising; lower-quality candidates tend to choose the path of least resistance: online job boards or personal referrals. Learn more about it HERE.


WHY Schedule care?

Because it takes a village. Every parent needs sleep, guidance and support. Consider us, and our night nannies, NCS’s and PPD’s your village.