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“We could not be more appreciative. Thank you for your professional approach and tender demeanor. You have all been a blessing to our family.”
Ryan Slaughter—ABC Client


“As my maternity leave ended, the last thing I wanted to worry about was combing through resumes and interviewing countless people. Working with ABC allowed me to spend quality time with my newborn during those precious months, and my heart was at ease knowing they would find the perfect caretaker for our son — and they did!”
Julie Berliner—ABC Client


“ABC Nannies found us the perfect nanny not once, but twice! After our first nanny left we needed another loving, kind, experienced and flexible nanny to join our family and accept our crazy, unpredictable schedule. ABC Nannies did all the work from posting our application to interviewing and checking references for multiple applicants. All we did was meet the nanny they suggested and she was perfect! I can't thank them enough!!!”

Sarah Dance—ABC Client

Our Clients Say It Best…

“Using ABC Nannies was a one of the best decisions I made during my move from out of state. They were dedicated to finding the right fit for me and gave me many qualified candidates in a short period of time.”
Sarah Maxwell—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies made the process of finding responsible, caring childcare so much easier for us than it otherwise would have been. We had tried finding a nanny using neighborhood listservs etc, but it was difficult to find someone who could work the hours we needed help.  ABC Nannies was responsive, and helped us find a truly wonderful nanny. The process was thorough, to get all the relevant information, and within a few days ABC Nannies provided us with information for a number of suitable candidates.  We met with a few potential caretakers, all of whom were strong candidates, and ended up hiring a fantastic nanny.  ABC Nannies was also helpful in providing us with information regarding nanny payroll services, workers compensation insurance, etc.  We're so pleased with the service the company provided.”
Hanna Gustafsson—ABC Client

“We were having terrible luck finding quality candidates when searching for a nanny on our own, not to mention it was horribly time consuming. ABC made the whole process so easy and found us someone who is a perfect fit for our family. We highly recommend their services!”  
Rachel G.—ABC Client

”After running our own processes online for two separate nanny searches, we turned our most recent search over to the pros at ABC and we were thrilled with the service. Brittany and the team walked us through every step of the process, patiently answered our questions and brought us high quality candidates. We feel lucky to have matched with a wonderful nanny and know that ABC has our back moving forward. We highly recommend ABC to any family that needs high quality childcare.”  
Noah and Melissa Goodman—ABC Client

“I really can't say enough about how easy and stress-free it's been to work with ABC.  They are a very professional group and have been responsive to all of our strange situations. Having now worked with many different departments within ABC, I can confidently say that every individual we've worked with has genuinely cared and had our best interest at heart. Their services are not inexpensive, however, the comfort of knowing all the work that has gone into finding the perfect caregiver and knowing that if something unforeseen should happen, you are not alone in dealing with it....that's priceless in my opinion!  I really can't recommend them enough.”
Emily Griffith—ABC Client  

“Amazing service! We have used ABC Nannies twice and both times they found us nannies who met our needs and fit our personalities quickly and easily. Definitely a time saver. They are thorough and really found us a good match both times!”
A.M.—ABC Client

“Marcia is hardworking, detail oriented, sensitive and in tune to what is needed in any given situation. She seems to genuinely care about our children's growth and development which is so nice to see. What is also nice to see is the big smiles they give her when they greet her in the morning. Clearly, they feel loved and cared for.  She has made a difficult transition really easy. I can't say enough good things. Thanks so much again!” 
Christine Reinhard—ABC Client

“We couldn’t be happier with the nanny that we found through ABC nannies and our overall experience of finding a match. ABC nannies was great to work with as we were doing a search and it didn’t take us long to find someone who we absolutely love. We were able to specify to ABC nannies what our specific needs were with respect to schedules and flexibility, so the candidates they sent to us already knew upfront what we needed. That allowed us to just focus on whether they were a good fit personally for our family. Our nanny is amazing- incredibly caring, experienced, creative, professional and our children love her. ABC nannies has continued to check in with us to make sure things are going well and gave great resources on how to set ourselves up for success with our nanny. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to find a high quality nanny.”
Laura Strickland—ABC Client

“Things have been going so well with Angela (night nanny)! She's connected with our baby so well, given me SO many great tips and tweaks and we've already seen such progress in our lives. I'm so grateful you connected us with her!”
Shea K—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies is more than a agency, they treat you like family. Right from the beginning, we felt ABC Nannies took the time to understand our family and our expectations for a nanny. They were truly invested in finding the right fit for our family. We have used ABC nannies several times and each time they truly support us and listened to our needs and requests. They are 100% available and engaged. The nannies they have matched us with could not be more perfect! We are so thankful for ABC Nannies.”
D.K.—ABC Client

“I needed to find a nanny quickly and thus signed on with three nanny agencies in Denver. ABC consistently brought me the best candidates of all three agencies. The staff listened carefully to my family’s needs and provided candidates who fulfilled those needs. They didn’t push candidates on me who I didn’t feel were right for us.  I’ve also utilized the temporary services and have been very pleased with the quality of back-up nannies ABC sent us. You’ll pay more than with any other agency in town. And you’ll get a better nanny. It’s worth every penny.”
Shari Harley—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies was instrumental in helping my family quickly find an amazing nanny during a very challenging time. It has been a comfort knowing that our children have a fun, active, responsible, consistent, and loving caregiver when we are away from them. Thank you so much!”
Jessica Feldman—ABC Client

“"CNST helped us find highly qualified sitters for our baby and toddler. The sitters were knowledgeable with both age groups, had wonderful demeanors, and were instantly loved by our kids. CNST is a safe and reliable service for high quality childcare when you need it!”
Jessica Feldman—ABC Temporary Client

“ABC Nannies worked with my family to find nanny that is a perfect fit. After moving to Denver we needed to find a nanny in a short span of time, but also wanted to find a top quality nanny that would fit with our family.  ABC Nannies worked with us to closely to do so.  We interviewed several nannies – all of whom were excellent – before decided on our current nanny. We couldn’t be happier.  Our current nanny is energetic, positive, fun, and pro-active, which is just what we were looking for.  Even after our nanny started work ABC Nannies has checked in to be sure things are going smoothly. I would highly recommend ABC Nannies.  They are professional, efficient, and most importantly have very high quality nannies working with them.” 
Thomas Family—ABC Client

“We used ABC Nannies after having to abruptly let go of our first nanny. We were scrambling for child care suddenly and so actually hired both ABC and another agency to run simultaneous but separate searches to help us find a nanny replacement as quickly as possible. Our experience with ABC Nannies was fantastic. Jami talked to me on the phone for awhile when I first called, and then came to our house to meet us and really get to know us and who we might best match with. The other agency we tried had us interview three candidates, all of who wanted higher salaries than our budget. ABC Nannies sent us three candidates that were all in our budget and that were good matches for us. We selected one of the ABC candidates as our new nanny, and she has been phenomenal! Thank you ABC for finding us a wonderful new member of our family!”
Melissa & Nick K.—ABC Client

“Wendy (night nanny) has been great. We are very pleased. She is professional, respectful, punctual, and kind to our infant…10 out of 10!”
Robert N.—ABC Client

“Cannot recommend enough. I never leave my children but Jennifer A. made it easy - she was polite, engaging & professional. A++”
Carly Schroeder—ABC Temporary Client

“We had a wonderful experience with ABC Nannies. They were helpful in not only helping us find a perfect match for our family, but as this was our first time hiring someone, also in how to be an employer. They guided us thru the hiring process, explained what was appropriate to ask of our nanny, gave us tips for a good working relationship and helped us thru the logistics as well. I was very grateful for their guidance. And we are thrilled with the nanny they found for us….she is everything we were hoping for. I have many friends who have hired nannies independently and heard frustration after frustration with that experience. Our outcome with ABC was well worth the fee.”
Bridget Beck—ABC Client

“My experience with ABC Nannies was amazing. I used their temp services because I was unsure how long I would need a nanny. It was so successful and ABC was so helpful. Not only did they help me with child care but they thoughtfully placed Nannies with my family who they believed would fit with us perfectly. They are so reliable and I would absolutely recommend them to any family in need of finding a great nanny. The team at ABC bent over backwards to accommodate my odd schedule and insured that we were happy and that all of our needs were met. So many thanks to ABC for making my family’s life with a new child a little easier!”
Alix McVey—ABC Client

“We first reached out to ABC Nannies in 2012 after a frustrating and unsuccessful experience with another local agency. The staff at ABC were a breath of fresh air! They worked with a strong sense of urgency and found us several strong candidates very quickly, including our perfect match. Searching for a caregiver is an emotional and stressful experience for many parents, and I appreciated their calming presence throughout the process. Liza is a true professional and brings a high degree of confidence to otherwise worried parents. Since hiring our first nanny through ABC, I’ve reached out to Liza and her colleagues periodically for advice on pay increases and other contract-related questions. I value their accessibility and responsiveness when I need them.  We most recently worked with ABC again when our nanny had to relocate out of state–the process could not have gone better. We found another great nanny and never missed a beat. I recognize there are other agencies in town, some of which may have saved me money…but when it comes to the care of my children, I needed the best. I needed ABC. Thank you!”
Courtney Hutchison—ABC Client

“We came to ABC nannies after our close friends had successfully used them to find 3 great nannies. We had found our previous nannies (3 total) through another agency and care.com. We have 3 young kids and are 2 busy working parents so needed help finding a nanny. What a difference ABC Nannies was from other methods we had used in the past. They are so professional and I felt like they really listened to what we wanted in a nanny and really took the time to understand our needs. They sent us a number of great candidates. The printed handout they use with all of the reference comments and contact information was so helpful and provided a wealth of information that we really looked closely at. We had a hard time deciding which person to hire as several of the candidates really seemed like a perfect fit. I spoke with the agency multiple times over the course of the process and they really helped us make the decision. The nanny we chose is phenomenal and by far the best nanny we have ever had. We hope that she stays with us for years, but if she doesn’t we will certainly use ABC nannies in the future.”
Christie H. —ABC Client

“We used College Nannies and Sitters of Denver for a recent event. All Nannies were highly professional and flexible with whatever the parents and children needed. The kids loved them, the toys they brought, and the games they all played together. Thank you ladies for keeping our most precious people safe, allowing us a successful event!”
Sarah Schmidt —ABC Temporary/Events Client

“I love ABC nannies. I called ABC nannies after working with a dot.com and other local agency looking for the right nanny for my family. I felt like I was never going to find the right care for my kids. They immediately made me feel like I was the only family that they were taking care of. They talked with me about my usual schedule and made it work for me and my family. I now work with the best nanny I could ask for! They absolutely made me feel that what’s important to me is important to them. Great job Ladies!”
Ali Berry—ABC Client

“I had heard of ABC Nannies from a few different people and decided to interview them to see if I felt that they would be a good fit for my family. I was pregnant with twin boys and knew that I need a night nanny with a lot of experience with multiples, some who had night nannied before and someone who felt comfortable sleep training my boys. When my husband and I went into ABC Nannies and the environment was amazing and so welcoming. Right away I felt comfortable! When we sat down they asked questions so they could get to know us, what our expectations were going to be for the nanny and what type of nanny would best fit into our lifestyle. After interviewing with them i was very excited and I knew that I made the right decision going to them. They sent me resumes and needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with the experience all of these nannies had as well as how they ALL met my criteria. Once we made a decision on who we thought would be the best fit for us we had her start the week after our twins were born. Bri was absolutely amazing and went way beyond my expectations with helping me, giving me advice and just being a support system for me. I was a new mom and a first time mom with TWINS! Needless to say Bri is now a part of my family and I truly don’t know how my husband and I would have survived without her! ABC Nannies was wonderful about monthly following up with me to see how things were going and if I needed anything else from them. It was really nice how they always wanted to make my experience the best it could possibly be. ABC Nannies set me up to be a successful momma and for that I’m forever grateful!!!”
Marnie Phillips—ABC Client

“Both my husband and I work and really wanted to find a caring, dependable, reliable nanny for our daughter (and dog!). We really did not have the time to go thru the sitter sites; we had gone thru Sittercity and Care in the past. The sites put us in touch with many candidates. I had to interview over 20. I did not want to do that again and wanted a service that would help my family find the right person. ABC nannies interviewed our family and found 3 great candidates. We found one that we really liked and 6 month in we are very happy. They really made the search easy for us and we are very happy and satisfied with their service.”
Kimberly Maino—ABC Client

“We were moving from the East Coast to Colorado with a 5 year old and 1 year old, and both my husband and I were starting new jobs as part of the move – so the idea of trying to find a new nanny from long-distance was completely daunting! We knew we would need to have child care soon after we moved, so the only option was to start our search long-distance, and I immediately looked into placement agencies. We chose ABC Nannies because of their great reviews and professionalism – we felt very comfortable with their placement process and the quality of the candidates they work with.   The team immediately jumped into our search and we were able to interview candidates over the phone, narrowing down our final candidates to meet in person once we were in Colorado. We were able to hire a fantastic nanny who was able to start within a month of our move, and ABC nannies even helped us find a temporary nanny who helped out before our full-time nanny could start. We have been extremely pleased with the entire process and impressed with how ABC Nannies was able to help from miles away! I would recommend ABC Nannies to anyone!”
Maggie Garner—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies is fabulous. We have used their temporary nanny service for almost 2 years. The providers they have sent us have been extremely reliable and highly engaged with our children. It is such a relief for 2 busy working parents to know we can rely on ABC!”
Vicki Lopez—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies was great to work with!!! We had around one month to find a long-term nanny. They listened to our needs and we ended up with a great nanny that our daughter adores. We are so appreciative because the person you hire to be responsible for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make and ABC made it such a positive experience for us.”
Mandy & Scott S.—ABC Client

“We worked with ABC to find a nanny for our baby girl. We have very erratic schedules and needed someone with a lot of flexibility. ABC was so professional, accommodating and easy to work with. Within just a couple of weeks they had screened candidates and we set up our first interview. We hired the very first person we met with! We couldn’t be more thrilled with our nanny; she has been absolutely wonderful in every possible way. She checked all our “boxes” in someone caring for our child, and is so amazing in ways that we didn’t even think of ahead of time. ABC was able to set us up with the perfect person for our unique situation. Even after placement I have called ABC with various questions and they are always prompt and helpful in their responses. I would recommend ABC to anyone searching for child care – it’s such an important decision and they really are the best.”
Drs. PB and WP—ABC Client

“We used the temporary service when visiting Denver over the recent Labor Day weekend to see a concert at Red Rocks. We were very nervous about it but they answered all our questions, our numerous requests to change the hours of sitting service and just eased our apprehension. Our sitter Emily C. was amazing with our 5 year old daughter! Coming from an education background, while not necessary, was such a plus in some of the activities they did over the roughly 8-9 hours of sitting! Emily C. even bought our daughter some "Colorado rocks" (our daughter loves different rocks and collects them) which she has basically carried around with her all week! Upon our next visit to Denver we will be reaching out to this agency again!”
Dwayne S.—ABC Temporary Client

“We have already recommended the agency to 4 or 5 of our friends! It is well worth the money invested to have ABC Nanny help you find the right nanny for your family. The resources and support they provided to us was timely, organized and very professional. We were able to interview 4 candidates, organize 2nd interviews and then feel very confident in hiring the perfect nanny for us. Too bad the best nanny in Denver is taken… she works for us now!!!!”
Cris & Ari Ballonoff—ABC Client

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about ABC Nannies and the quality of care that comes from this incredible organization.  My husband and I live out in Denver with no family and very few friends that are able to help us in a pinch, so we first began using ABC Nannies’ Temporary Service to fill the last minute holes in our child care. Our little boy was only three months old at the time, so I was terrified about having someone come onto our home that we didn’t really know; however, my fears were very short lived. We consistently were staffed with incredible nannies that not only did a great job with our little boy, but also treated our home and lifestyle with so much respect. Furthermore, they were all screened and check more than I was able to do on my own.  Their nannies are real professionals, and they often had me reevaluating our personal full-time child care arrangement.

Once our little boy turned one year old we had a need for a permanent full-time nanny. I am very cost-conscious but wanted to be sure that we found him the perfect nanny for our household, so I immediately went to ABC Nannies as they had consistently been great to our family. The girls in the office were so wonderful through the entire process. They spent hours accessing our needs and screened countless applicants.  I work an awkward schedule, so it was not easy at all. They continued to be helpful and supportive through the long process and sent multiple wonderful and qualified applicants until we found the one that fit best. They then helped set up contracts, payments, taxes, and continued to remain available for any questions that have come up. I feel so secure with our nanny and have since recommended ABC to multiple friends. After using them I wouldn’t even try to staff another permanent Nanny on my own, it is too much hassle and I just didn’t find the same professional caliber of Nanny I did through ABC.”
Kathryn Bunn—ABC Client

“Things are really going great with our nanny. She’s doing an amazing job and even helped us out when we were all (literally all of us at the exact same time) sick with a horrible bug last week! She’s always on time, always has great ideas, is proactive and most of all, loved by our kids. We couldn’t have found a better match. Thank you all so much for the help in finding her!!”
Anne Schade—ABC Client

“We couldn’t be happier about our experience working with ABC Nannies. We interviewed a few candidates and found a great fit for our family. The team was responsive and patient–I love ABC’s tailored, personalized approach. I am very happy to have found such a great agency to work with. ABC Nannies has a very thorough process and they are very professional; what I liked the best was the way that they take the time to really understand what you are searching for. Plus, every time I had a question they were very prompt in responding and helping me out in any way possible. I highly recommend working with ABC Nannies, they are excellent at what they do! I have found a great long-term nanny and we are hoping to renew our contract with her soon!”
Monique Cooper-Sload—ABC Client

“We called ABC Nannies on the recommendation of a coworker. We were losing the only nanny our son had even known and we were so worried about finding the right person for our family. The staff at ABC was so kind and understanding when I would tear up during conversations and ask a zillion crazy questions. For career focused parents, having the right child care makes all the difference and we are so happy with our son’s new nanny. She has fit right into our family and has taken on our 3 year old with patience and love. I leave everyday knowing that he is in good hands with someone that we consider part of our family and a valued member of our team. Thank you to ABC Nannies for everything that you have done for our family.”
Jennifer Korb—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies has been great to work with in setting up backup care for our 2 daughters. The nannies we have worked with are on time, reliable and lots of fun. My girls look forward to having back up care from ABC!
ABC Client—Backup Care

“My wife and I both work full time, and with our third child on the way, we knew we needed help around the house. We considered using Care.com, but we were deterred both by the amount of work that it would take to find the right person, and the consequences if we didn’t make a good hire the first time. We contacted a couple of different agencies, and we decided to work with ABC Nannies for a number of reasons. First, they were extremely professional and seemed to have a tremendous amount of experience. Second, and this was the deciding factor, they were very practical and down-to-earth, willing to work to our budget and need for a housekeeper only one day per week. The results have been great. We got to meet with two very qualified candidates within a matter of days, and we quickly hired our housekeeper, Donna. She has turned out to be all that we could have asked for and more – extremely capable, easy to work with, and willing to go the extra mile to help us out. Thank you, ABC Nannies & Domestics.”
F.R. & D.R.—ABC Client

“We have been using ABC Nannies’ Temporary Service for eight months now. We are thankful to have found such a responsive agency. They have been providing us with top-quality nannies for our regular weekday needs and also for our occasional weekend/evening needs. Their nannies are mature, experienced and fully vetted. The peace of mind from that comes from having the full backing of an agency like “ABC Nannies” is invaluable to us and we would not do it any other way.”
Matt and Jamie Glover—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies was very thorough in all of our meetings as we searched for a nanny. They took the time to find out what our family needed and desired from a nanny and then receive thorough resumes and background information on potential nannies. It was nice to give the job of searching for a nanny to someone else when I did not have the time to do this process pregnant and working. They also were always prompt in answering questions via email or phone. I would recommend ABC nannies to other families looking to find a nanny.”
Tawnya L.—ABC Client

“I used ABC Nannies for the first time this year. I am a single mom who was transitioning from three years of having an au pair as my nanny for my three kids. I realized over the years, as the kids got older, that I needed a nanny/house manager. ABC Nannies jumped in with both feet as soon as I called them. Their staff are professional and wonderful to work with. They truly understood my needs and before I knew it they had great candidates, all very qualified, ready for me to interview. As questions about the applications arose, they responded promptly and honestly. I interviewed three candidates and struggled between two nanny/house managers that were both perfectly qualified. ABC Nannies guided me through the entire process and even weighed the pros/cons of the candidates in light of my personal circumstances. In the end, I believe I made a great choice. My kids love our new nanny and I love having the added house managing help. I highly recommend ABC Nannies!”
Megan Sherr—ABC Client

“We contacted ABC Nannies to help us find someone to look after our (then) 3-month old son. The entire search process was handled professionally and with great care. The specialists spent a lot of time determining what our needs were, and they identified a truly excellent candidate for us to interview. The nanny we eventually hired blends so well with our family and provides exceptional care for our son. We couldn’t be happier with her and feel so grateful to ABC Nannies for connecting us with her. Our son is thriving and is a bundle of smiles, in large part because she provides the kind of stimulating, loving, and fun environment that we have sought to establish. We would enthusiastically recommend ABC Nannies without any reservations.”
Nora A.—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies provided our family with a truly invaluable service. The amazing staff took the time to get to know our family and help us identify our needs. This resulted in the referral of the absolute best nanny for our children! She is wonderful and we would be lost without her. We can’t thank ABC Nannies enough for the diligent work you did to find her.”
Erin Dilley—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies did a fantastic job in helping us find a new nanny for our family. With an infant and a kindergartner, we did not have a lot of extra time to search for a nanny on our own. ABC took the stress away from the search and provided us with several great candidates in a short amount of time. We found a great nanny who we hope will be with us for long time!”
Jennifer Hutcheson—ABC Client

“For the last several years, we have enlisted the help of ABC Nannies to assist with the Little Hearts Luncheon and Fashion Show for Children’s Hospital Colorado. Each year, the nannies are asked to interact with 25 – 35 children ranging from infants to pre-teen for up to four hours prior to our Fashion Show. During this time, the nannies engage the children in fun and unique activities to keep them occupied amid the excitement of participating in this special event. The children involved often require additional attention and ABC Nannies has been wonderful about making each and every child feel special and included in a large setting. ABC Nannies is always eager to help out and we couldn’t imagine hosting this event without their help. We love working with ABC Nannies each year, and would recommend them to everyone. “
Jacqueline Lindley, Children’s Hospital Senior Event Manager—Special Events Client

“We couldn’t have been happier with our experience with ABC Nannies. As new parents, we were very nervous about the entire process of finding a nanny who would be the right fit but ABC put us at ease and they were extremely attentive to all of our needs and questions. From the very beginning, ABC gave us confidence that we would find the perfect nanny who would not only take great care of our new baby but also be a part of our family. They delivered on this and more and we can’t thank ABC enough!”
Suzie and Rob S.—ABC Client

“We were very happy working with ABC Nannies. We initially tried using caregiver websites and were not satisfied with the quality of potential nannies we found. ABC Nannies connected us with several very qualified, wonderful applicants. We quickly found our current nanny manager – just the person we had been hoping for- and feel so fortunate to have her working with us. The staff at ABC nannies was professional and supportive at each step in the process.”
Julie Sutherland—ABC Client

“I used your services yesterday and today, having two ABC Nannies take care of my sick 20 month old. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with them, and thankful for them. They arrived timely and professionally; asked my preferences, etc. I was very worried about my son, so they each kept me updated throughout the day, including sharing new symptoms he developed, temperament, etc. I had never utilized the backup care option out of nervousness, and now have absolutely no concerns going forward. Thank you for providing such wonderful caregivers for my son; I am genuinely grateful.”
Melissa Doss—Bright Horizons Backup Care Client

“Our experience with ABC Nannies was outstanding. The staff are wonderful and there to help you every step of the way. The quality of the candidates they present is extremely high. We had just two weeks to find a nanny for our 6-month old daughter, and we worried that we would not have time to find the right person. Not only did ABC Nannies find us someone in our tight timeframe, but they found an experienced and professional nanny who was the perfect match for our family. Our daughter loves her nanny – as do we!”
Sharon Harrall—ABC Client

“We were extremely impressed with our experience with ABC Nannies. We first tried to find a part-time nanny on our own, but we soon realized that we were completely unprepared for the process. After spending almost two months going at it alone, we contacted ABC Nannies. Everyone was so accommodating and informative. Within a week we had interviews scheduled, and we were able to hire a great nanny for our baby boy without any hassle at all. ABC Nannies quickly screened the possible candidates and found a select number that met our desires for a nanny. They handled all the background checks and provided us with all the candidates’ references. They made the process so much easier and comfortable. We would definitely recommend ABC to anyone searching for a nanny and could not have been more pleased with the experience! And best of all, our son is thrilled with his nanny!”
Erik Speicher—ABC Client

“Working with ABC nannies was amazing…the best money we have ever spent!! We had what appeared could be a challenging part time position to fill which is why we contacted them. They were open and honest every step of the way and were able to pair us with the best nanny for us and our two children. We couldn’t be happier with her and the service we were provided through ABC Nannies.”
Bruns Family—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies has truly been a life-saver for our family. We were having so much trouble finding a consistent person that could care for our children only one day a week, and we found that the caretakers who we found through friends or other services were never reliable or consistent. When we were told about ABC Nannies and I spoke with them, all of my worries went away. She was able to find us an amazing nanny who has been with us for over a year and who has really become part of our family. We have never had an issue with her not showing up and being late. And, in the off-chance that she is unable to come, we are given plenty of advance notice and ABC is able to find somebody else (who is just as wonderful!) to come in her place. We love that we can also call on them if we ever need a last-minute sitter for the day, evening, or weekend. They have always been able to find somebody to help out, and they have always been truly professional, reliable, and caring people. The temporary service that ABC Nannies provides is unparalleled. We don’t know what we would do without ABC Nannies!”
Kerem & Todd—ABC Client

“Working with ABC Nannies has been such a pleasure. From the friendly, responsive staff to the quality and rigor with which they evaluate each nanny candidate, ABC Nannies has surpassed our expectations. After a sudden change of plans, we only had two and a half weeks to find a nanny for our first child before returning to work after maternity leave; ABC Nannies was efficient and effective. As first time parents, we did not have the experience to put into words what we were looking for, yet we found the perfect fit in our nanny. I have and will continue to recommend ABC Nannies to friends and family. It is worth the investment to ensure quality and experience and – above all – safe and reliable care for your child. We commonly refer to our nanny as a parenting consultant as we have learned so much from her as has our son.”
Nolan Carleton—ABC Client

“With two weeks to find a full-time nanny, I had no time to waste. Reaching out to ABC was the best decision I made, as they very quickly presented several high quality candidates that could have been a good fit for my family situation. The background and details they provided on each candidate enabled me to quickly focus in on the two or three highest potential candidates. ABC kept in close contact and coached me through the process of interviewing and hiring our nanny. Within days, our new nanny was on-board. I am so happy to say that both my kids and I are absolutely thrilled with our new nanny. She is fantastic! I really need to thank ABC for helping make the connection.”
Brenda Rainey—ABC Client

“Over the past several months, I have come to greatly rely on ABC Nannies Temporary Service, and we have been very pleased with their professionalism, reliability, excellent communication, and ability to deliver services that exceeded our expectations. Our permanent nanny went on bed rest unexpectedly. We were concerned that we would be unable to find a caring nanny to provide temporary help with such short notice. Upon recommendation from friends, we turned to ABC Nannies Temporary Service and worked closely with their team to fill our needs. They matched us with a terrific nanny who had the work experience and personality we were looking for. While I hope I don’t find our family needing extended temporary nanny help in the near future, I know that if and when the need arises, I will turn to ABC Nannies again.”
Suzanne Toledo Zimmerer—ABC Client

“The Temporary Service has been a perfect fit for us! I am a new mom and heard about ABC nannies when my maternity leave was almost over. I had my son enrolled in daycare, but was very disheartened by the care he was going to receive when we went for our intake appointment. I didn’t know what to do. I was working part-time and my husband has a rather flexible work schedule so we didn’t need nanny coverage every day or even every week. The temporary nanny service was a perfect fit for our schedules and the care our son received was incredible. We were able to have the same nanny almost every day we requested – she was kind, loving, engaging, and very conscientious. I would leave each morning knowing my son was extremely well cared for which made the transition of going back to work much easier. Thank you ABC Nannies!”
Liz Allyn—ABC Client

“We first enlisted the help of ABC Nannies in 2004. At that time we had attempted hiring a nanny through a website and we had a horrible experience. We were struggling to find appropriate help, and finding someone who could help us with our crazy schedules. ABC Nannies stepped up to the plate and, almost immediately, we had candidates who were qualified and appropriate for our situation. Our first nanny stayed with us for over 2 years. When we were faced with hiring a 2nd nanny, ABC Nannies was there to help us through the process. Our 2nd nanny stayed with us for almost 5 years. Once again, we turned to ABC Nannies and now have another fabulous addition to our family. All our nannies have been great additions and we have kept in contact with all of them. Every time we needed help, ABC Nannies was there…the temporary service, the permanent placement service…they have done a wonderful job with it all. Our children are extremely important to us and ensuring they have compassionate and qualified childcare while my husband and I are working is crucial. ABC Nannies has been our most important asset in finding the right person for our family.”
Dr. Christine Rogness—ABC Client

“My husband and I are busy work-from-home parents. We recently made a move to the Parker, CO area, to expand our business. With that decision came the reality that we were moving away from all of our natural “baby helpers!” Our daughter was 4 months old at the time of our move. We needed help in caring for her, but not knowing anyone in town we weren’t sure where to turn. A friend of ours referred us to ABC Nannies. She mentioned that she had been using them for quite some time and loved their service. Being honest, we were a little skeptical, as most first time parents of a newborn are. But, after working the staffing team we quickly brushed those feelings of skepticism aside! Megan and her team were so helpful in getting us going and addressed all of our questions up front. We felt extremely comfortable from day one working with the agency. The Nannies that are assigned to our family are very professional, hard-working and great with our daughter. They are reliable and dependable. When we’re in a pinch, the ABC team always pull through! It’s a great feeling for a mom when the Nanny arrives and our little one is all smiles and reaches out to them to be held! I can feel certain that Demi is getting the best care available outside of her mommy and daddy thanks to ABC Nannies!”
Amber Warren—ABC Client

“Our nanny Abby is absolutely heaven-sent! My wife and I are very lucky to have someone we completely trust with our daughter. We are able to carry on with our days without a single worry knowing she is in such great hands. ABC Nannies is a great company who clearly puts due diligence in their selection process of only the best nannies in town. Keep up the great work!”
Michael Grosh—ABC Client

“I am a single father raising two beautiful daughters. When I first reached out to ABC Nannies, my girls were ages 1 & 5. ABC Nannies assisted me in first clarifying what I needed help with in my home: a part-time nanny to help with the care of my girls. Secondly, they farmed out my hours to her pool of part-timers. The first nanny to respond was Amy; a 4th grade teacher by day, Amy comes to my home after school two days a week to help with the ever expanding needs of my unique family. Amy is genuine, sincere, caring, timely and organized. I can honestly say that having her help over the past 6 months has greatly improved the afternoon atmosphere at my home. My sincerest gratitude to my nanny and ABC Nannies for helping me to raise two independent, incredible young women!”
David S., Northwest Denver Dad– ABC Client

“We could not be happier with our nanny. ABC was very helpful in finding good candidates that met our needs and in helping us through the process. Our nanny, Carley is truly above-and-beyond in every possible way. Most importantly, she loves our kids; our kids love her; and we feel very confident with our kids in her care. She is not merely a care-giver, but acts as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend – to us as well as our kids. She is a self-starter who sees opportunities to help out and takes them. Our household runs more smoothly with her help. In short, we feel very lucky to have her in our lives.”
Jennifer K. Harrison–ABC Client

“We have been using ABC Nannies for temporary care ever since we relocated back to Colorado two and a half years ago. When a temporary nanny that we found on our own became full time and it didn’t work out, we turned to ABC Nannies for help. Although we also interviewed some candidates from local websites, as soon as we met Alyssa, we knew we had found our top choice. Alyssa has been with us for several months now and we couldn’t be more pleased. She is exactly how she portrayed herself during the interview. She is loving, patient, dedicated and a wonderful addition to our lives. She cares for our children and keeps them inspired while enforcing manners and strong character which is so important. Our children mean everything to us, and it has been absolutely fantastic to have ABC Nannies provide us with consistently excellent care over the last several years. There is no other service that we would consider using at this point. I know that I will look back at these years and feel good that we invested in the best childcare possible for our children.”
Annie and Jason Wissner–ABC Client

“Our experience with ABC Nannies has been exceptional. The staff was so friendly, receptive and thorough in helping us find the perfect fit, and they were helpful and encouraging in helping us iron out details with our nanny. Our nanny has been a pleasure to have as a part of our family, and we truly appreciate the help we received along the way. We have previously worked with another agency, as well as through an online sitter service, and feel that ABC Nannies was much more of an advocate for families searching for a childcare provider. It was such a relief to have so much of the legwork done before interviews, especially since I was dealing with a newborn and returning to work. Thank you so much for bringing Vanessa into our household!”
Chute Charnsangavej and Sean Morris—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies has been wonderful to work with. I was initially very worried about finding a nanny for our newborn (and first child). Both my husband and I have very chaotic work schedules that vary frequently. We actually hired the first nanny we interviewed! The entire process was extremely streamlined. I really was impressed that the company had already pre-screened all applicants and only present us with the best of the best. Our nanny has been wonderful. I just can’t thank ABC Nannies enough for helping us to find such a great match. It made going back to work after my maternity leave so much easier than anticipated. We truly have an expert nanny! I have also appreciated all of the follow-up in the months after hiring our nanny. ABC Nannies is very invested in ensuring that their customers and nannies are happy.”
M.B and M.V—ABC Client

“We’ve really appreciated ABC nannies. We found that ABC Nannies really took time to understand what we were looking for in a nanny and sent us excellent candidates to apply for our position. We would definitely recommend them to others and feel it was worth the investment. The people we worked with at ABC Nannies had a personal touch that made the process easier. Thank you, ABC Nannies!”
Michelle Klem—ABC Client

“We used ABC Nannies to help us find a nanny for our 3 month old and 12 year old. The staff was very easy to work with and listened to all of our wants and desires and sent us wonderful candidates to interview. They called and followed up after each interview and based off our feedback fine tuned our candidates to exactly what we were looking for. It was so helpful to have the prescreening done for us since we had our hands full at the time! Our overall experience with ABC Nannies was great and the best part is that we found the absolute best Nanny out there!”
Lindsey Begland—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies has helped us find two wonderful nannies for our daughter. Our daughter has loved them both and my husband and I thought they were fabulous too – easy going, helpful, and very nurturing. Additionally, having the temporary nanny service is great for the business trips I’ve needed to take that our part-time nanny was unable to cover.”
Marcy Kendall – ABC Client

“I have been exceptionally impressed with the professionalism of all the staff at ABC Nannies. The Placement Manager has always provided excellent customer service with quick response time and truly works diligently to accommodate my requests to help with our childcare needs even when I have requested a nanny at the last minute. The Nannies are very good with my children and my children often ask for them to come back “to play with them”. I will always recommend and refer anyone who has childcare needs to ABC Nannies. The staff and Nannies hard work is recognized and appreciated. Thank you for providing an excellent service when both parents have to be out of the home to work in their career fields!”
Stephanie, Dayshift Clinical Coordinator, Children’s Hospital—ABC Client

“ABC Nannies did an incredible job finding a nanny that is now part of our family. After deciding to relocate to Denver from the Midwest, we began searching for nannies via our network of friends/associates in town and other websites. After a couple of weeks without much luck we turned to ABC nannies after a glowing review from a colleague. After listening carefully to our needs (including Spanish speaking and living up to the high bar set by our previous nanny) and family dynamic/personality, ABC Nannies sent us our first candidate, Ivonne, who carried an impressive resume. We had a couple of phone interviews and then hired Ivonne without even having met her in person! My husband and I were shocked and impressed that ABC Nannies was able to find our perfect nanny on the very first try. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
Jane Kachadurian—ABC Client

“I would recommend ABC Nannies to anyone looking for short term or long term help. They helped me find just the right person to help me with my two older children and a newborn. Not only did ABC Nannies interview and screen the candidates for me but they also screened us for their candidates. No other service (and I contacted three others) was this particular and that showed to me that they wanted to make sure they brought together the right people. They know how to put together a team that will work for everyone involved – the parents, the caregiver and the children. Thanks to ABC Nannies, we were able to welcome our third child into our lives with the help of a wonderful nanny to get us through the toughest times. Thank you!”
Charlotte Wetzel—ABC Client

“Everyone we met through ABC Nannies–whether through the temp service while we were waiting to find the right candidate or through the interview process–was professional and qualified. The temp service was especially helpful to us; we have met some wonderful girls that we can call upon should our nanny not be available. ABC has a tremendous talent at finding nannies that are serious about their work and love what they do. We could not be happier with our nanny- our children love her.”
Erin Autrey Neren —ABC Client

“ABC Nannies made finding a nanny for our three children as stress-free as possible. They helped us through the whole process. They understand how busy life can be with a newborn and came to meet with us in our home. They really seemed to consider our family dynamics as well as our expectations for a caregiver when setting us up with potential candidates. We met our nanny Clair and loved her immediately. She has jumped right in to taking care of the kids and being a part of our family. Thank you ABC Nannies for setting us up!”
Shelia Tsai—ABC Client

“My maternity leave was quickly coming to an end and my husband and I still had not found someone to watch our son while we were at work. Where and how do you find someone you trust to care for the love of your life? I only work 2 days a week so we did not need a full-time nanny but we still wanted one person to predominantly watch our son. ABC Nannies who eased my mind when they assured me that it was possible to have the same nanny watch our son most of the time using their temporary service. This indeed has been the case and we could not be happier. The nanny who watches our son the most is warm, caring, professional and definitely someone I trust. While we feel fortunate that one nanny has been able to watch our son regularly we have never been disappointed when ABC has sent other nannies our way. They have all been wonderful with our son. I have and will continue to recommend ABC to anyone who is in need of a nanny.”
Nicole Lindberg —ABC Client

“I used ABC Nannies to find a nanny for my son Reed. I started the process about two months before he was born and was so impressed by everyone’s professionalism and organization. My first meeting was filled with great information and all of my questions were answered. I felt like they really took the time to fully understand what I was looking for. As a single mom and a business owner I really appreciated that they were organized and sent me only candidates that where very qualified and met my needs. I hired an amazing nanny that has been a perfect fit for my family! I cannot recommend ABC Nannies enough, they have been amazing.”
Taryn Walsh—ABC Client

“Our standards are exceptionally high and even more so in matters involving our son, but ABC Nannies has provided us with caregivers who have exceeded our expectations in every way. Our nanny isn’t an employee; she is very much a member of the family and she is our son’s very best friend. We think the world of her and thank ABC for bringing her to us.”
Joshua and Kimberly Martinson —ABC Client

“Working with ABC Nannies was worth every penny. The initial consultation in our home was thorough and went well beyond “what are we looking for in a nanny” and included key compatibility questions to help with our match. The very first application we were sent is the nanny we ended up hiring and we couldn’t be happier that she has joined our family.”
Lisa Mazzoni —ABC Client

“When my daughter turned one, I began to feel that I needed childcare several hours a week for appointments, a date-night with my husband, and yoga class. The idea of leaving my tiny toddler alone with a teenage babysitter left me very uncomfortable. Additionally, it was imperative to me that she had a small, consistent group of caregivers. After being referred to ABC Nannies by a mother who has used the service for years, I called immediately. For the past year, I have used ABC Nannies’ Temporary Services two to four times a week. They have been able to schedule the same nanny for four hours, two days a week, for the past six months. My toddler and I love the continuity of using the same small group of professional, experienced, and loving caregivers. This service has been an invaluable one to my family.”
Rachel Carlson –ABC Client

“We have worked with ABC Nannies since our two boys, now 7 and 8 years old, were infants. Our experience has been fantastic! The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Most important, our family has been fortunate enough to have had outstanding, responsible, and loving nannies. ABC knows how stressful it can be to decide to employ and then select someone to care for your children. They do everything possible to make that process run smoothly and individualize the selection of applicants to your family’s needs. We are delighted to recommend ABC Nannies to any family needing help with child care.”
Greg & Jody Schwartz —ABC Client

“ABC Nannies is a wonderful resource for working moms like me. As a freelancer, I have a highly variable schedule that often changes at the last minute. It’s so convenient to be able to make one phone call and know that I’m getting a top-notch nanny to look after my boy while I’m out working. From the gals in the office to the wonderful nannies they send, ABC Nannies is an integral part of getting my business done!”
Sarah Beatty—ABC Client

“When we decided to hire a nanny to provide care for our newborn daughter, our good friends recommended ABC Nannies. Much like them, we’ve been very satisfied with our experience. The staff, all former childcare providers themselves, answered all of our questions and took the time to get to know us and uncover exactly what we were looking for in a nanny. We were contacted every step of the way with updates on our search and requests for feedback on interviewed candidates. We credit ABC Nannies with finding the perfect addition to our family, and would definitely recommend their services to others.”
Mark & Melissa Hunter —ABC Client

“We have worked through another agency and tried many others. ABC Nannies was able to bring many potential candidates for us to interview and find us the perfect fit. We feel ABC Nannies is willing to go the extra mile to make it a great fit and we appreciate that more than words can say.”
Anita Leibsch—ABC Client

“Our experience with ABC Nannies was excellent. We appreciated the quick response time to our request for a part-time nanny. We had a couple of great candidates within days of our initial contact. We are extremely pleased with our new nanny. She is wonderful with our 2 children, and she has been a great addition to our household.”
Kara Holmes —ABC Client

“As brand-new parents and undecided in terms of the direction we want our childcare needs to go, ABC Nannies temp service has been a perfect fit. We quickly had a nanny to fit our temporary needs without having to do all the interviewing and research. And if we decide to go for a longer term position, ABC can streamline the transition as they are already aware of our needs.”
Christine Parisi— ABC Client

“Our experience with ABC Nannies was such a positive one! We decided only two weeks before my scheduled return to work that we couldn’t bear the idea of putting our 12 week old baby into daycare. The team at ABC Nannies quickly worked with us to assess our needs, and within a matter of days, had found a perfect match for us and our little girl! The three most important people in our child’s life are Mommy, Daddy and her Nanny. And without ABC Nannies, we wouldn’t have found her!”
Rachel Zucker —ABC Client

“Like most working parents, my wife and I struggled to decide what child care option would work best for our family and after spending countless hours weighing the pros and cons of each, we decided to hire a nanny. From the initial phone call, ABC Nannies made us very comfortable with our decision and what we anticipated to be a complicated and stressful process turned out to be just the opposite. ABC Nannies listened to what we had to say, answered all of our questions, and assembled a very qualified pool of candidates for us to choose from. We hired the third person we interviewed and we could not be happier! ABC Nannies is first-rate organization that genuinely cares about their clients and their nannies alike.”
John & Rachel Urosevich—ABC Client

“We love ABC Nannies! I only needed someone to watch the boys 1 day a week so I thought I did not need a service to find a sitter. But I was wrong! I spent almost 6 months looking before I called ABC Nannies. They worked with our schedule and found the perfect fit. Now we have a nanny and we love her. The boys run to the door to be the first to hug her. It makes leaving them so much easier knowing how happy they are to have her here. She is loving and dependable and now I think back and wonder why I waited so long to call. Thanks ABC Nannies!”
Sarah Jones — ABC Client

“We just wanted to thank you and ABC Nannies for your outstanding service this spring. On short notice, you were able to find us a terrific nanny to take care of our two boys, ages 4 and 2. The nanny you provided did a great job with them. We felt very comfortable leaving them in her capable and caring hands. She was very punctual, extremely flexible, especially as far as hours were concerned, and very hands-on with the boys. ABC Nannies staff was extremely accommodating and great at meeting our needs. We appreciated your checking in with us proactively to make sure we were happy with the arrangement. Their individual service and care was especially appreciated.”
Pat Mantano—ABC Client