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“Working with ABC Nannies was easy and welcoming. From the minute I was greeted at the front desk and throughout the interview process I was made to feel very comfortable. I was placed with a terrific family as a household manager and I love my job! In fact, it’s more than a job, it’s an opportunity to get to know and care for a lovely family and beautiful home.”
Gina Zwingler—ABC Household Manager


“ABC Nannies found me the PERFECT family! I couldn't be any more pleased with the family they placed me with this last year! They found me a job immediately and responded to my questions and concerns via email and phone promptly. They are easy to talk to and the process was straightforward and quick. Thank you ABC Nannies for making the process and placement easy and painless.”

Christina Stadelmaier—ABC Nanny Manager

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“ABC Nannies found me my dream job! They completely supported me throughout my entire interview process. Even six months into my amazing new job they check in with me to make sure I’m still content. ABC Nannies will make sure that the next family you work with is your perfect match and nothing less. Thank you for making me beyond happy!”
Cassandra Harner—ABC Nanny

Our Candidates Say It Best

“I love my job, and I love ABC! I'm a professional nanny with lots of experience, but I was having a hard time finding the right career fit after moving back to the area. They listened to exactly what I was looking for in a career placement, and she was patient with me and supportive when I turned down interview opportunities with several families that just didn't seem like the perfect match. They worked hard to find me a job I would actually want to stay in, and they quickly found me the PERFECT family to work for. I couldn't have been more pleased with the process or results. I love my job and the children I work with more than I ever thought I could. ABC was (and still is!) an amazing resource for me, and the family I work for feels the same. They are a superb option for any professional nanny or family looking for a perfect match and a supported long-term situation!”
Haley VanHeuleken—ABC Nanny

“I can not tell you enough how wonderful ABC Nannies was in helping me find the perfect family! From the beginning to the end I dealt with very caring and professional people. I was impressed with the detail of information they wanted from me to provide families with an accurate picture of myself, my education and my qualities. When it came to responding to my questions, may it have been via email or returning phone calls, they were on the ball! They really listened to me and my preferences and provided me with several potential job opportunities - and, I found one, that I am extremely happy with. Way to go, ABC Staff!”
Yvonne Pinchback—ABC Nanny

“I am loving working for [my new family]! They treat me like gold and it has been a very smooth transition. Thank you for connecting us and making the hiring process transparent and smooth.”
Kelsey Sanford—ABC Nanny

“When I first started with ABC Nannies, I thought the staff was so kind and helpful. I then started the family interviewing process and the staff continued to be a wonderful guiding force for me. I'm now three months into my manager/nanny position and they still check on me and make sure to answers questions that come up. I still have a few years with my family but when the time comes, I'll be placed with a new family through ABC Nannies.
I’m so grateful for the support.”
J.M.—ABC Nanny Manager

“ABC nannies has the best staff!! They found me a job very quick and help me find the perfect family to work with. They are absolutely the best. I highly recommended ABC nannies!”
Carla M.—ABC Housekeeper

“As a nanny relocating from out of state I wasn’t sure where to start my nanny family search. ABC took the time to really get to know what I was looking for in a nanny family and delivered just that! I absolutely love my job and have ABC to thank for finding such a wonderful match! Not only do they help you find work- they stick with you throughout the entire process, making sure all of your questions are answers and needs are met! It doesn’t stop there, from fun nanny gatherings to “how are ya doing” calls and emails, the support and love is endless. 110% recommend to anyone in the child care industry and families looking for care!”
Hannah Scholenberger—ABC Nanny Manager

“Grateful with all the ABC Nannies team, especially with Mary and Brittany, it was so easy to apply and so fast to get the job of my dreams that I would never again look for work on my own, the process was so easy, that without lying apply the Thursday, the interview with the family was on Saturday and on Monday I was starting to work with all my benefits, so do not hesitate!!!”
Lezly Adrianza—ABC Nanny

“Abc nannies found me the perfect family! I highly recommend them! Mary is fantastic and will help you the whole way.”
Andrea Tenuta—ABC Nanny

“This company is worth their weight in GOLD! ABC is the most valuable asset to my housekeeping career, truly. Without them I would not be the success I am today. The families they represent are tip of the top, cream of the crop. They have matched me with families that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life… They just connected me with another super awesome family in Cherry Hills. ABC, you are the bridge to my success and I will be forever grateful. Here’s to another great year ahead of us!”
Lori McInnes—ABC Housekeeper/Household Manager

“As a career nanny, I have been fortunate to have been placed by ABC Nannies with my employer families for over 20 years, and have found each of my nanny families to be exceptional! The placement experts at ABC Nannies bring a wealth of experience into each placement, making sure it is a wonderful fit for both the nanny and employer family. They also support the professionalism of nannies by sponsoring opportunities for continuing education, such as NNTD and NCS training, as well as providing networking events for nannies in the Denver area. Thanks to all of you at ABC Nannies!- Cynthia W
Cindy Wilkinson—ABC Nanny

“I appreciate the process ABC Nannies & Domestics has in place as it makes the whole experience exciting and efficient. Staff members work to create a comfortable platform to get into the nitty-gritty of what nannies and families are looking for, and emphasize how important it is to be blatantly honest. This saves time in the long run as they sniff out the perfect fit for each individual using their service. They are 10/10…would recommend.”
Katie Mathis—ABC Nanny

“ABC nannies helped me to find a perfect family for me . I’m so grateful that I found ABC.”
Bruna Graf—ABC Nanny

“As a self-represented nanny for the last 8 years, I can say that I will never look for a new family without ABC again! The staff at ABC Nannies helped me find an amazing family with a stable, positive work environment. I recently moved across the country and was very worried about finding the right family long distance…ABC was there every step of the way and made the whole process hassle free. I would recommend them to any career nanny looking for a great family, or for any family looking for a great nanny.

Update: I have now been working with a family I found through ABC Nannies for a year. I really feel that they care about the happiness of both the families and the nannies. They just found me a second family to work for, and I couldn't be more grateful! Now, I can't imagine trying to find a family without their expert guidance.”
Amber Fortune—ABC Nanny

“I learned of ABC Nannies when I was still in California. They completed the interview process with me when I came out to look for housing and had me set up with a family with-in days of my move. They have kept me working consistently since my arrival, and have always had my best interests at heart. I found the staff to be friendly, professional and helpful. I highly recommended ABC Nannies for any professional Nanny looking for part time, full time or anything in between.”
Julie DeCoria—ABC Nanny

“I recently relocated to Colorado, and I was a bit nervous as to what the caregiver market would be like. I worked very closely with Mary who helped guide me on the logistics, and sent me a ton of wonderful job possibilities. The entire staff was knowledgeable, kind, and patient as I sifted through families to find my best fit. They have continued to keep in touch to ensure everything is still going well. They made my job search a very pleasurable experience, and I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone who is looking.”
Victoria Catanzaro—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is an AMAZING Agency to work for! I would recommend them to anyone! The staff is very caring and professional. I am so happy to have found them! I can’t thank them enough for the great family they have placed me with! THANK YOU ABC NANNIES!!!”
Dezireie Haylor—ABC Housekeeper

“I'm so appreciative to ABC Nannies for working with me to find the perfect job. They took the time to get to know me and to listen to what I was looking for in a family. I like that they are professional, yet personable. They supported me through the entire process, making it smooth and painless, and they still check in periodically to make sure things continue to go well. I couldn't be happier with ABC Nannies!”
Liz Gorman—ABC Nanny 

“I have had the privilege of working with the first-rate staff at ABC Nannies, in my job search and placement, as a Nanny/House Manager. Personal experience in this field, for over forty years, led me to seek the services of a placement agency with parallel experience and exceptional reputation. I have not been disappointed! ABC Nannies not only matches candidates with great families, but they monitor the situation, following up with both the employee and employer, to manage and strengthen all aspects of the relationship. ABC Nannies adds the rare aspect of a very human connection, in a field where it is imperative. I highly recommend working with them, whether you are seeking employment, or looking for a highly-qualified candidate to become part of your family!”
Erin Donnegan—Placed Nanny & Household Manager

“I signed up with ABC Nannies in 2007 and they immediately welcomed me like family. I can call anytime about advice, weekend work, and called them when I was looking for a new full time family! They are always super friendly and helpful. The events ABC Nannies puts on are great for meeting other nannies to do play-dates with. I am so glad I can call them up for anything and be a part of this awesome company!”
Kristi Smith—ABC Nanny Manager

“I have had the best experience with ABC Nannies! I moved to Denver from Chicago, I didn't know how to start looking for a job as a Nanny. It was a such relief when I contacted the agency. The staff helped me with my transition. I explained my requirements and the agency found the right family for me. I will work with them in the future!”
Olga Jarmakowicz—ABC Nanny

 “I was moving from the East Coast to Denver looking for a nanny job. ABC Nannies was extremely helpful, patient, and kind with the whole process as well as my move!”
Mollie Batdof—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies & Domestics is a very professional, positive agency and I am very happy working with the families whom they’ve placed me with. The staff at ABC Nannies has always been extremely helpful, caring, courteous and friendly. They take the time to answer all of your questions and do a very thorough background check on you and the family with whom you will be placed. I have worked with other agencies in my 11 year nanny career, but ABC Nannies & Domestics is by far my favorite agency, and the staff is the most professional and caring!”
Paula W.—ABC Live-in Nanny

“ABC Nannies found me the perfect housekeeping position. I love the client, and we are a perfect fit! Thank you ABC!”
Donna Hartman—ABC Housekeeper

“It has been a true blessing to work for ABC Nannies. I know they have my best interest at heart and I could not be happier with my current position as a nanny and personal assistant to a wonderful family! I have worked for both their temporary service and full time placement service and have always had a great experience with the staff. I am impressed most by their commitment to their nannies and domestics–they recognize their strengths and work hard to get each the position that is best for them. Their customer service is top-notch and they are the best in Colorado!”
Cassie Werner—ABC Family Assistant

“After returning home from living abroad for a year, I vigorously began looking for teaching and nanny positions throughout Denver. After a month of searching, I turned to ABC Nannies for help and guidance. Not only was I placed with a family who is an absolute perfect fit for me, but I was also introduced to many other families, giving me a better understanding of what I want and need as a caretaker. ABC Nannies has been there for me since the beginning, and continue to check in and see if my, and my employer’s needs are begin met. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the people at ABC Nannies, they have provided me with guidance, options, support and a great family to work with!”
Liv Ponder—ABC Nanny Manager/Family Assistant 

“ABC matched me with a wonderful family, couldn't be happier!”
Teagan Miller—ABC Nanny

“Working with ABC was one of the best decisions I have made professionally. I can't thank them enough for placing me with my incredible family 8 years ago. Any nanny or family is lucky to work with them!”
Melissa Riveria—ABC Nanny Manager

 “Mary worked so hard to find me an amazing family to work with! It was a perfect match! So glad I came across this company!”
Laura Austin—ABC Nanny

 “I joined ABC Nannies February 2017 as a full-time nanny. Within two weeks they matched me with some incredible families, leading me to my perfect position! The staff at ABC helped me navigate the interview and contract processes, and they remain a constant source of support. I am treated as a professional by ABC's staff and my employers. I could not be happier with the position they helped me find...thank you, ABC!”
Lara Skilton—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies has been such a pleasant experience to go through to find an amazing family to work for. Mary Sexton has been helping me and it's such a stress free process. Mary is very kind, professional, funny, consistent and welcoming! I always look forward to hearing back from Mary and all the other lovely ladies that work for ABC Nannies. It's been a privilege working with Mary and the ABC team!! Keep it up! This company is out standing! I appreciate all the work you have done for me!! You're changing family's life's and peoples life's everyday!!”

Faith Wetmore- ABC Nanny

“They worked so hard to find me an amazing family to work with! It was a perfect match! So glad I came across this company!”
Laura A.—ABC Housekeeper

“It was almost 1 year ago that I started with my nanny family that I love so much! ABC nannies connected me to 2 families that I interviewed with. I was offered the job by both families and I chose the one that was a better fit! If you are a nanny, please go to ABC Nannies! They are professional and caring people! The BEST in Colorado!”
Rebecca Rivera—ABC Nanny

“When looking for a nanny I definitely recommend ABC as they do thorough background checks & interviews! Also a great company for Nannies looking for a job this is the way to go! The girls in the office are great and really work hard to make a good fit!”
Joni Riney—ABC Nanny Manager

“I have had nothing but complete success working with ABC nannies! Their employees are so caring and thoughtful. They strive to find the perfect fit for each nanny and family. ABC nannies goes above and beyond! So thankful for ABC nannies!!! I absolutely love being a nanny!”
MichaelAnn D.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is the best nanny agency in Colorado, and I am so happy I found them. I’ve never worked with an agency as genuine as ABC, and love that they continue their support through the entire process. Not only do they work hard to find you the right fit in a family, but continue to check in and show their support once they’ve found what works for you. The women I’ve had the privilege of working with in the agency have been so supportive, and have made me feel so comfortable and confident about my decision from start to finish. I absolutely love my family, and I’m so grateful I found them! Thanks ABC Nannies for all you do!”
Tanaia McBride—ABC Nanny

“ABC is committed to serving both families and their nannies with professionalism and kindness. They are just as concerned with the nanny's happiness and well-being as that of the family searching for a nanny. I absolutely recommend them for all childcare needs and as an agency to any nanny searching for a job.”
Mariah Davidson —ABC Backup Care Nanny

“ABC Nannies is the absolute best childcare agency to work for! As a nanny that has worked for many agencies, I wouldn't work anywhere else than ABC. The hiring process is very thorough as to make sure that they get the most qualified nannies. The families are wonderful and I cannot express enough how nice it is to be matched according to your preferences. The staff is exceptional and they really strive to find the perfect fit for both the families and the nannies. I love ABC!”
Katelyn Keane —ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies placed me with a GREAT family 13 years ago and continues to place me with great families still. Great agency, great families, great work!”  
Rachael Popejoy —ABC Nanny

“Here’s all you need to know about ABC Nannies: don’t waste your valuable time and effort on anyone else! ABC Nannies are professionals. They promptly return all communications—calls, texts—you name it. They work in an honest, genuine manner to market you to the right clients and find clients that you will mesh with. And that’s just the start. Once you find a family, they check up on you, make sure things are going well, and answer any questions you may have regarding procedures, wages and benefits, etc. One call is all it takes to prove to yourself that ABC Nannies is the real deal and a huge asset to both you and the family you’ll be assisting. I tried various other services before finding ABC. I wish I had called them first.”
Teri Ashcraft
 —ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is a great agency to work with. Their friendly staff was with me every step of the way to ensure I found the best fit for me. I would recommend them to both nannies and families! Also, I know several other nannies that had great success with them too!”
Elsey Hopkins —ABC Nanny

“I can’t thank you enough for the effort ya’ll make in helping us Nannies find great families…ABC Nannies & Domestics has truly been the BEST placement agency I have worked with…I started with ABC Nannies in 2006. I worked for the best family EVER till 2011! I started my own family, became a stay at home mom and then a preschool teacher and back to ABC nannies in 2015. I can honestly say your agency keeps getting better! Thanks again!!”
Kristin Hanke—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is the best nannying agency in Colorado, and I am so happy I found them. I’ve never worked with an agency as genuine as ABC, and love that they continue their support through the entire process. Not only do they work hard to find you the right fit in a family, but continue to check in and show their support once they’ve found what works for you. The women I’ve had the privilege of working with in the agency have been so supportive and have made me feel so comfortable and confident about my decision from start to finish. I absolutely love my family and recommend them to all of my friends looking at working in the field, as well as families looking for their next nanny. I’m so grateful I found them! Thanks ABC for all you do!!”
Tanaia Smith—ABC Live-In Nanny

“ABC Nannies has been everything I expected in an agency and more. I’ve worked with another agency in the past so when I moved to Colorado I knew that was the route I wanted to go again, a quick search of reputable agencies lead me to ABC Nannies. They were quick to meet with me and within a few weeks placed me with the most perfect family. They were everything I was looking for and ABC made sure to understand both my needs and the needs of the family, we were a perfect match. ABC’s role did not stop there. They have checked in several times to make sure that everything is going well; I wasn’t just placed and forgotten. I have sung praises of this agency since moving and I will continue recommend ABC to any nanny or family.”
Jordan Sund—ABC Nanny

“This was my first time working with an agency and I’m very happy with the experience I have had with ABC Nannies and the family that I’m currently working with. ABC Nannies staff is very professional, organized and dedicated. Thanks ABC Nannies for making me a part of your team”
Sylvia Ramírez—ABC Nanny

“I am currently employed by ABC Nannies as a Temp Nanny. I can honestly say they are a pleasure to work for! The girls in the office are not only extremely professional to deal with, but they really take the time to listen carefully and match each job accordingly. They have been in this business for a long time, and it really shows!”
Barbara Nason—ABC Temporary Nanny

“Being new to the Denver area, I had no idea where to start my search to find the right family to work with. ABC Nannies conducted thorough interviews to ensure I found the perfect fit. And I did! I am happy to call my employers my friends as well.”
Kate Robinson—ABC Nanny

“I have been a nanny lucky enough to work with the best agency in Colorado for over a decade! This small, yet spectacular, group of ladies knows me by name and helps me every step, whether I need a new full time placement or extra work. They are all 100% approachable and dedicated to their jobs. It shows that they all love what they do: they will always go above and beyond for both families & nannies. The events they put on for nannies are a blast! Hands down, I recommend them to anyone!”
Kristi Smith—ABC Nanny Manager

“I am very grateful to be working with ABC Nannies. They are professional, extremely helpful, and communicate well. My experience with them and the family they matched me with is better than I could have imagined. I feel very supported by ABC Nannies and believe that they are advocating for both the caregivers and families to have the best fit possible. I appreciate how hard they work and how often they continue to support me after my placement. I couldn’t ask for a better organization to work for.”
Elyse Olson—ABC Nanny

“Best agency I have ever worked for. Their professionalism and system with pairing nannies at any day or time is almost flawless. The staff really knows what they are doing and are the nicest women I have met!”
Skylar Scott—ABC Nanny

“Making the decision to come back to the field of child care/nannying after a 2+ year break was a big one for me…When I fully set my mind to come back I worked with another local agency,, and I put an application in to ABC Nannies. While both the other agency and Care were aids in my job search, ABC Nannies really reaffirmed that I was making the right choice. From the very initial interview with Brittany, I knew I found an agency that genuinely cared about finding me “the perfect fit”. Few people understand what that means in terms of a nanny/family relationship, but the entire, compassionate staff at ABC Nannies just gets it. Everything from my needs of pay, hours, location, to more personal needs such as needing to work for a family understanding of my home-life, ABC Nannies made me feel secure that I could find an accommodating position.ABC Nannies has never pressured me to accept a position and they have were incredibly understanding when I knew a family was just not the right one for me. Furthermore, when I did accept a position through them they showed genuine excitement and happiness for me, as well as concern that all aspects of my job title was mutually agreed upon and that I felt 100% comfortable in accepting the position. There is no job as a nanny that lasts forever, but there is so much comfort and assurance that whenever this job runs its course I have an incredible agency to guide me in the next steps to helping another incredible family. My most sincere gratitude to the entire staff of ABC Nannies for their efforts and genuine support in my job search and success!”
Kristina Lewis—ABC Nanny

“I absolutely LOVE my Nanny job!!! Everything is great with my new family and I couldn’t be happier. The little guy is such a joy and I love him and his charming personality! Working with ABC Nannies has been a very pleasant experience and I am so glad to have worked with such wonderful and caring people. I feel so lucky going to a job that I absolutely LOVE everyday and feel so fortunate to have this new family in my life!”
C. Hesse—ABC Nanny

“I appreciate all your hard work and your time. I truly believe this is the best Nanny Service out there! I recommend you to everyone!”
Teri Ashcraft—ABC Nanny

“I have had the pleasure of working with ABC Nannies for a little over a year now; this agency is very professional and works very hard at placing the right nanny with the right family. I have done temp work with them and was placed with a wonderful long-term family. I feel it is so important to find the right family, for both the nanny and employer, because it’s my experience you become apart of the family. I am privileged to work with ABC and look forward to my continued relationship with the staff. I am grateful for the commitment they have given me and i am happy to give that in return.”
Kasey O’Neal—ABC Nanny

“I found ABC Nannies through a few friends of mine; they both spoke very highly of the company and encouraged me to give it a shot. I moved to Denver in the beginning on January and right away contacted ABC Nannies. Being new to the city, I was nervous but that all changed when I met the amazing people at ABC Nannies. From the first time I spoke with them, I could tell they really cared about me and making sure I was happy. The next week I met for an interview and right away they had a family in mind. They definitely do their homework and know who would make great matches. Just a few days later, I met my family and was hired. I’ve been working for my family for a little over three months now and am loving it. ABC Nannies has checked in with me multiple times to make sure I’m doing well, which, I really appreciate. They’ve taken the extra steps to ensure good relationships between all parties and I’m very grateful for that! It has been a wonderful experience, I’m learning so much about my family as well as myself. I couldn’t be more grateful to ABC Nannies for providing this opportunity and truly caring about me. Thank you, ABC Nannies!”
Hillary Downs—ABC Nanny

“Working for ABC nannies has been a great experience. They are not only capable, but they showed me how special and important it is to be a Nanny. They have been very professional and managed to meet my needs. They kept in contact with me throughout the whole process until they found me an amazing, perfect family! ABC Nannies is high quality. For them, I am thankful!! Great team at ABC Nannies!!!”
Judith Valladares—ABC Nanny

“I love ABC Nannies! I am very happy with ABC Nannies and the family that they have placed me with. This was my first experience working with an agency and I didn’t know quite what to expect, but from the first moment I met them I felt confident that I was with the right people. Thank you ABC Nannies.”
Caton Cook—ABC Nanny

“When I applied through ABC Nannies, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I have a teaching background and wasn’t sure if I would fit the mold for what the company was looking for. I had my initial interview with Brittany and right away felt very comfortable with her. She and Liza explained to me that yes, they are trying to find a nanny that is a good fit for a family but also finding a family that meets MY needs as well. Throughout it all, they both kept telling me how amazing I was and how lucky a family will be to have me…Once I finally found a family they were beyond excited for me…Even after starting with the family, they call to see how things are going, call to make sure I’m happy, etc. It has been an amazing opportunity. I now have a dream job with traveling to different countries and an amazing family that will be in my life for years to come. Thank you ABC!”
Jia Crook—ABC Nanny

“I have been a nanny working for ABC for about three years and have had nothing short of a wonderful experience with them. They are diligent, professional and really do an excellent job of placing me with wonderful families. They seem to genuinely care about not only the families they have as clients but the nannies that work for them as well. They have always followed up about how things are going with families, are always available if there are any questions or concerns, and are overall very encouraging and supportive. They have been a great blessing to my life and I am thankful to work with such an outstanding company.”
Tanisha Millard—ABC Nanny

“I have nothing but great things to say about ABC Nannies. They made sure to only match me with families that were a great fit for me. I love the family that I am currently with–they are great to work for and I really am lucky to have been hired in by them.”
Jessica Nehring—ABC Nanny Manager

“I cannot express enough gratitude to ABC Nannies for helping me find the job of a lifetime! They were very professional, helpful and communicative. They really took the time to understand my needs, what I was looking for, and stayed in contact with me throughout the entire hunt process. They found the perfect family for me. I’m extremely happy! Thanks ABC Nannies for everything!!!”
Nadia Lopez—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is the absolute best childcare agency to work for! As a nanny that has worked for many agencies, I wouldn’t work anywhere else than ABC. The hiring process is very thorough as to make sure that they get the most qualified nannies. The families are wonderful and I cannot express enough how nice it is to be matched according to your preferences. The staff is exceptional and they really strive to find the perfect fit for both the families and the nannies. I love ABC!”
Katelyn Schram—ABC Nanny

“Just a few months ago I, like you, was looking for a nanny company with a good reputation. I feel so grateful to have gone through ABC Nannies. Not only were they professional and accommodating, they followed up with each step during the process.  We were constantly in communication during the interview stages to find the right fit. Now that I am working for a wonderful family, I couldn’t be happier to go to work everyday! This is turning out to be an even more rewarding experience than I could have anticipated.  I would recommend ABC Nannies to anyone looking for a professional, committed nanny company.”
Olivia V.—ABC Nanny Manager

“I feel extremely fortunate to have found ABC Nannies! I was very pleased by the whole experience from the moment I filled out the initial nanny application to the time I was hired and ABC by a fabulous family. I was helped and encouraged along every step of the way in a prompt and professional manner that really put me at ease. It made my search for a wonderful nanny position a positive experience from start to finish. ABC Nannies was there for me in making the hiring process a smooth and successful experience. Thanks to ABC Nannies, I found the job I have been searching for!”
Teresa Hay—ABC Nanny Manager

“Joining ABC Nannies was an EXCELLENT decision! They really took the time to get to know me and put me forward for jobs that suited my preferences and personality. They placed me according to my abilities, experience and potential. They took away all my fears and worries of finding the “perfect” family. I have been in my current position for 3 months now and ABC Nannies has been in constant contact with me. They regularly call just to catch up and check in on how I am enjoying my position and to address any concerns or questions I may have. I feel very lucky to have the constant support of ABC Nannies. They are brilliant at what they do and they genuinely want you to progress and succeed. There is no way to express how grateful I am to them and all their hard work and for their contribution to my daily happiness!!!Thank you ABC!!”
Michelle Lee Stevens—ABC Nanny

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for ABC Nannies finding me the perfect placement! I absolutely love going to my job! Not only do they make sure you are a great fit for the family, they make sure the family is a great fit for you. Once you are placed, you are not forgotten. They always check in to make sure everything is going as expected. If you are looking for a family, or a nanny, ABC Nannies should be your first and last stop!
Angie Lloyd—ABC Nanny Manager

“I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone at ABC for your continuing integrity and high moral character. I’ve always felt so supported from everyone at ABC Nannies, from the hiring process where I was encouraged to make the right choice for myself, and years into my position where I continue to receive support when needed.You are much appreciated!!”
Bethany May—ABC Nanny Manager

“ABC Nannies is a wonderful company to work with! I can’t sing their praises enough! The staff is professional, kind, and genuine. They supported me through the process of finding a new position and were so easy to work with. ABC Nannies literally found the perfect position for me. I love my new family and will hopefully be with them for many years to come!”
Marlana Cimmino—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is an absolutely amazing company which I am honored to work for! The staff is not only professional, but more importantly very compassionate in dealing with clients, as well as nannies. They really go the extra mile in catering to everyone’s specific needs. Working as a back-up care provider never has a dull moment, and the ever-growing client base is fantastic! ABC Nannies has truly created such a loving, positive community that is hard to find anywhere else!”
Lauren Reiss—ABC Nanny

“I’ve had a great experience working with ABC Nannies. The whole staff is very professional and kind–they made the process of finding a job simple and easy. I found a wonderful family and ABC continues to be supportive throughout my employment. My experience with them has been extremely pleasant and I would highly recommend them to anyone…they rock! Thank you ABC for everything.”
Barbara Morgan—ABC Nanny

“The thing I like most about ABC Nannies is knowing when I am sent on an assignment to a new family it will be a safe and positive environment. It is the only agency I have found that screens both their nannies and their families, making me feel comfortable when taking new jobs. Out of all the other placement services I have tried ABC Nannies is the most professional and well-run organization. I am honored to be a part of their team.”
Elizabeth Turner—ABC Nanny

“I enjoyed working with ABC Nannies. They are patient and really took the time to understand me and find me the perfect family. Everybody was friendly and encouraging. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to work as a caregiver of children.”
Kryste Oldland—ABC Nanny

“To the ABC Nannies’ team: thank you for everything you have done for me over the years! I have many wonderful things to say about ABC Nannies. You are the best nanny agency, hands down! Your office staff not only cares about families and finances, but you care about US—nannies—and making sure that that we are with the right family and happy in our jobs. Each time you have placed me it’s been a success. Each family hired me right away, in 2004, 2012 and 2013, and I have not been without of job in this difficult economy times just because of you! I thank God for you all! Thank you so much!”
Maria Valle de Rodriguez—ABC Nanny

“Everything is great with the family you placed me with and I love my job! I can’t say enough about ABC Nannies: you all have been there for me from the first day I registered, you’ve been reliable, efficient and always answered any questions I have. Your client base is great and you care about making a good match. I always recommended ABC Nannies to others—based on my 30 years of experience, I can honestly say you are the best at what you do! Thank you for everything.”
Susan Felix—ABC Nanny

“My experience with ABC was wonderful! I worked closely with the long-term team and they took such good care of me through the whole process of interviewing and finding the right placement. ABC Nannies really took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for, and I had every confidence that they were doing the same with the families on the other end. Thank you!”
Amie Drury—ABC Nanny

“I’ve been a nanny for 7 years now and I’ve found jobs on my own and through nanny agencies. Nothing, however, compares to receiving a job through ABC Nannies. They are professional and incredibly knowledgeable group of people. The entire process was seamless. I was able to interview with families within a week of applying and received an offer right away. ABC Nannies makes sure each party understands how the nanny/employer relationship should work to benefit everyone. There were no surprises or miscommunications. I absolutely adore the family I work with and appreciate that ABC follows up with all of us to make sure things are still going well. I can’t thank them enough for being able to find me the perfect job!”
Jodie Thomas —ABC Nanny

“I have worked as a caregiver for children for 20 years. I knew upon my move to Denver that I wanted to pursue nannying while I am working towards my master’s degree. I interviewed with several agencies and was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and support I received at ABC Nannies. From the first interview I was given information about opportunities which kept coming until I was able to connect with a family that I knew from the first call would be ideal for me. I am thrilled everyday to work with the family I do. I find myself telling people how lucky I am and how much I love my job almost daily. I am so grateful an agency like ABC exists and mostly that I found them!”
Tori Mitchell—ABC Nanny

“Moving to Colorado, I already knew that I wanted to continue working in a family environment. I had many years experience to qualify me for such positions, but found it to be a very difficult job market. I interviewed and applied with many staffing agencies, with little to no response…until I found ABC Nannies. Literally within a few days, I had applied, interviewed, and was being presented to families as a potential candidate. They were kind, professional, and very prompt in providing me the opportunity I was looking for. I have been at my new position for six months, and ABC Nannies continues to be resource for whatever I may need.”
Shannon Engkraf—ABC Nanny Manager

“I cannot express enough gratitude to ABC Nannies for helping me find the job of a lifetime. I love the new family I have had the chance to become a part of! ABC’s professionalism and persistence helped me find a great family and I look forward to a long and rewarding career. ABC Nannies is an exceptional agency- by far the best I have been a part of, and the only one I will ever consider from now on. I encourage all professional nannies to look to ABC as the best nanny agency in Colorado.”
Donna McFarlane—ABC Nanny Manager

“Working with ABC Nannies has been an incredibly rewarding experience! I have been a nanny for several years and have researched and worked with other agencies in the past. This agency genuinely wanted me to find me my dream position as a nanny with a wonderful family and they did! ABC Nannies really works hard for their nannies, I felt very respected and appreciated throughout the process. I was asked what I was really looking for in a family and I was never pressured to lower my standards. I had previously tried to negotiate positions I had found online. I do not recommend that as there are many people who tried to take advantage of me and underpay me. ABC Nannies is not only there for the nanny in the beginning by setting up interviews and helping you to procure a position, but they are there to support you for the entire time you are with a family. The family I work for is so incredible, the parents are so supportive and appreciative of me and their little girl is so sweet and fun, coming to work for me is such a joy every day!”
Susie Bignell—ABC Nanny

“I can’t thank ABC Nannies enough for helping me find the perfect family to be a part of! At the beginning of my search I was beyond overwhelmed but when I decided to use the agency I was shocked at how amazing they were. I went in on a Wednesday to meet the ladies and turn in my paper work, by Saturday I had three interviews set up and on Monday I was offered a position with a truly amazing family. I would highly recommend ABC to any professional nanny who is looking for a family to grow with, I am so glad they found me my family!”
Morgan Wilkinson—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies was a great resource, even before I actually made the move to Colorado! Their website is very informative and their consultants are caring and dedicated. Everyone there has the best intentions to find out what it is you are looking for and to put you in touch with families that would be a good match. It takes the guess work out of salary and work expectations and negotiations and makes the job search so much easier! I love the family they found for me and would highly recommend ABC Nannies to a friend.”
Allison Hoffman—ABC Nanny

“I have worked with ABC Nannies for years–they’re a great agency! The employees are always very friendly and easy to work with. I have also enjoyed every family I have been placed with through them. As this is my career, it was important for me to find an agency that filled my needs as a nanny and I found that with ABC.”
Chrissy Gallup—ABC Nanny

“I have been so happy with my experience working with ABC nanny. When I first signed up as a nanny, I was impressed with how quickly I was approached with multiple jobs that fit my criteria. I have been thrilled with the family that I was placed with, and feel like the staff has been so friendly and professional. It is obvious that they pride themselves with creating a wonderful experience for both the nanny and families. As someone who has worked with several nanny agencies, I can confidently say that ABC nanny has been my favorite.”
Holly Anderson—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies was such an excellent resource for me when I moved to Denver. Felicity and the rest of the staff were warm, welcoming and very professional, and they made sure my expectations were in line with the positions available. I secured a position within a couple of weeks, and ABC Nannies has continued to be supportive and very helpful throughout my employment. I highly recommend ABC Nannies to all the nannies out there who need a little help finding the right family.”
Julia Adam—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies was a wonderful nanny agency to work with! They put so much effort into finding the perfect nanny/family match. They touched base with me often until we found a family that was right for me and even after that they wanted to know how things were going. I know that they are always there for me and I could go to them with any nanny issues that I may have. I am so grateful for ABC nannies for helping me find the perfect match. ABC Nannies truly is a wonderful, courteous and very professional company.”
Allison Hubble—ABC Nanny Manager

“ABC Nanies helped me find a stable job as a Nanny Manager. They found me a great family that I have gotten close to. ABC Nannies cares deeply about the family’s interest and the interest of the employees. The staff worked hard in finding me the perfect family to work with, and I was impressed with the efficiency and speed at which I was place with a family.Thanks to them, I love my job!”
Zahra Adam—ABC Nanny Manager

“I highly recommend ABC nannies. They helped me find just what i was looking for in a family and employer. Throughout the search process they were extremely helpful and communicative, and really made me feel completely confident that i would find a perfect fit. They did find me a perfect fit, quicker than i ever expected! I really felt like it was there highest priority to place me with a family that matched the criteria i was looking for.”
Rachel Smith—ABC Nanny

“I absolutely loved working with ABC Nannies!! Everyone was so very professional, helpful and friendly. Felicity stayed in contact with me throughout the entire job hunt process. She asked questions during my interview that really helped them match me with the best job for me AND the client. I absolutely loved the families that I interviewed with, and found a job that I really love fairly quickly. I would recommend them to any nanny searching for work, AND any family searching for the right nanny.”
Stacey Dobbs—ABC Nanny

“I am Colorado native who has been working with children for the past 13 years. After going through an unpleasant experience with another nanny agency in Denver, I turned to ABC Nannies for help in placing me with a wonderful family. The staff at ABC Nannies is always professional and easy to talk to. They are very compassionate and understanding that all nannies and families have different needs and desires of one another. The staff strives to make the perfect match when placing a nanny with a family, in order to create a balanced and happy relationship. Thanks to ABC Nannies I work for the most incredible family and could not have found a more perfect position!!! I look forward to spending everyday with their beautiful baby girl and teaching her about the wonderful world in which we live in. My experience with ABC Nannies has been extremely pleasant and I would highly recommend them to any nanny looking for their perfect family to become a part of.”
Hilary Cassaly—ABC Nanny

“I moved to Denver in the fall of 2007 from San Francisco. I had a been a full time nanny for 10 years and was very attached to the agency there. I was nervous to work with new people and spent 6 very frustrating months looking for a good job with a nice family on my own and through another agency. I was on the verge of moving back to California when I met the women from ABC. In less than one week I had 2 amazing offers and knew that I was definitely staying in Colorado! I now work with the best family that I have ever been matched up with and can’t wait to get there every morning. I think the best part about ABC is that they respected how important this job is to me. They didn’t waste my time sending me out to families that wouldn’t work for me “just in case”. It was refreshing to work with all of them, and I can’t recommend them enough!”
Whitney G.—ABC Nanny

“My experience with ABC Nannies has been nothing but positive! I nanny for a family whose home I enjoy going to everyday. ABC Nannies helped me find the perfect position! I could not be happier! ABC Nannies was always there for me throughout the process. They were always very helpful and took time to answer my questions, and they called and gave me regular updates on current positions. I have also had an enjoyable experience working with ABC Nannies as a temporary nanny. All my experiences have been positive and I have had the opportunity to work for many wonderful families! I don’t think a nanny or family could find a better agency to go through!”
Hannah Larson—ABC Nanny

“I am very happy with the experience I have had with ABC Nannies and the family that I am currently placed with. This was my first experience working with an agency and I didn’t know quiet what to expect, but from the first moment I met them I felt confident that I was with the right people. They answered all of the questions that I had and helped me choose the family that was right for me and that I knew I would be happy with. I am still surprised at how well they are able to match nannies and families. I would definitely recommend ABC Nannies to anyone looking for an agency. They are wonderful and I know that I can always turn to them with any questions or concerns I may have. Thank you so much ABC Nannies!”
Serina C.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies helped me find the best family there is. They know how to find a great connection between the family and the nanny, and take everyone’s needs into consideration. They really know how to take of their nannies. ABC Nannies’ staff are very professional, courteous and loving. I will recommend them to anyone! I am so glad I found them. I’ve never had such a wonderful job. It’s a job I can’t wait to wake up to in the morning, even on a Monday… Thanks ABC for making me part of your family and those that I work for!”
Amanda S.—ABC Nanny

“When I was looking for a nanny position, I was pretty unaware of how the procedure worked! You helped to take the guesswork out of the process by answering all my questions and making the transition from a preschool teacher to nanny so easy. From the beginning I was very impressed with your follow through. While doing that, you were able to strike the right balance of being caring and attentive without making me feel smothered. I love the way that you took the time to listen to me and what my needs and preferences were (salary, benefits, age range of kids, location). You never wasted my time by sending me to interviews that were not going to be a good fit. I got to choose which families to interview with after getting some key information about them. If I ever had to do it all again, I would choose ABC Nannies in a heartbeat! You are simply the best! Thanks a million!”
Penny G.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is a phenomenal agency. They were incredibly helpful and efficient on placing me with an awesome family that was a perfect match.They took the time and energy to find what was right for me. I am so grateful to have found them and would strongly recommend their service to both families and nannies. Thank you ABC!!!”
Becky W.—ABC Nanny

“I have had nothing but a wonderful experiences with ABC Nannies, both in long term placements and with temporary families. The staff at ABC Nannies really is committed to finding the best match for both nannies and families. I have found that they take the time to find out as a nanny, what I am looking for in a family. Everyone I have worked with at ABC Nannies has been very professional, organized and considerate. ABC Nannnies is top notch!”
Lauren C.—ABC Nanny

“Trying to find a job, but not having the right help, can be exhausting. Working with ABC Nannies made the entire process simple. The staff is very professional, caring and helpful. Not only did they find the perfect family for me but they were there to help with all of my questions as I was settling in. I am extremely happy with my job and would recommend ABC Nannies to anyone looking for help from such a dedicated staff. Thank you for everything!”
Cristina M.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is such a wonderful agency to work with. Lindsay and Jami really took the time to understand my needs and what I was looking for. Because of this, I now work for an incredible family. They have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home. I truly feel that it is the perfect fit and I am happier now than ever. I had no idea how fun work could be! Thank you ABC nannies!”
Molly M.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies, thank you so much for all your help in placing me. They are absolutely fantastic!! I’m loving my job. We’ve gone to California, Boulder, all over really! The children are doing really well. Thanks again for all your help.”
Desirae M.—ABC Live-in Nanny

“ABC Nannies is a great company to work with, the staff is wonderful! I lived out of state when I applied with them and they made my transition to Colorado very smooth and easy. They are very organized and professional and I love the fact that they call and check on you every so often to see how you are doing with your family. They made sure that I found the perfect family to fit my needs and wants and I have never been happier! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering becoming a nanny!”
Sarah E.—ABC Nanny

“Trying to find the perfect job through want-ads in the newspaper and online was not cutting it for me. I was finding families that seemed to be a good fit “on paper”, but then I would meet them in person and know right away that it would never work. ABC Nannies eliminated the headache of searching for that perfect family that fit my needs and wants! The time and effort ABC Nannies took to get to know me as person and as a nanny was so crucial in the placement process–because of their experience I found the perfect job after one interview! Thank you so much for making my job hunt a very pleasant experience. Never again will I try to find a nanny job on my own!”
Shonna H.—ABC Nanny

“When I decided at sixty years old to make a career change, I expected for there to be challenges and obstacles in my path. I had taught middle and high school for 23 years and was not ready to stop working; just ready to give up the 65 hour work weeks! After studying the internet for a few days, I became intrigued by the nanny positions that were posted on the ABC website. The road that I believed would be bumpy, could not have been smoother! I interviewed at ABC Nannies and was treated professionally and with a great deal of optimism. I walked out of the interview knowing that Lindsay and Jami would do everything in their power to match me with a family. Within two weeks I had two interviews with families and took one of the positions. Every detail of entering a new profession has been covered by ABC Nannies. They are diligent about checking in with me and the family for whom I work to be certain that we are both happy. They take time to check on my progress and success in my new endeavor. I have recommended ABC Nannies to every parent I’ve met since I have been working and I would absolutely recommend the organization to an aspiring nanny. You will be treated with the utmost respect and individual attention.”
Georgette C.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies is comprised of a very professional, caring, thoughtful staff. They took the time to get to know what I was looking for and what kind of family would be a good fit for me. I appreciate the way they call to check in with both the nanny and the family to find ways to assist in providing a wonderful union. Thank you ABC Nannies!”
Kim G.—ABC Nanny

“My experience with ABC Nannies has been nothing but positive and enjoyable. The staff is warm, welcoming, professional, and reassured me of a perfect fit. I feel so fortunate to have been placed with such a wonderful family. Thanks to ABC Nannies I have the greatest job I’ve ever had and really enjoy what I do. There is no doubt that this agency is the best because they truly provide comfort and satisfaction in every aspect.”
Erin H.—ABC Nanny

“In college, I found nanny positions in the paper or from job boards in the student center. I took jobs without knowing what I was getting into and didn’t always have the best of luck. With ABC Nannies, however, I was able to interview with several families and make an informed decision. Now, with over nine months with my family, I am the happiest I have ever been in a job, feel like part of the family and can’t wait to get to work everyday. I owe a part of my happiness to ABC Nannies!”
Thayer Overturf—ABC Nanny

“I want to thank you so much for helping me find the perfect job! I love the family, the baby is so sweet and I get to travel… I couldn’t ask for anything more! You work as hard for your nannies as you do for your families. Thank you!”
Amanda Doll—ABC Nanny

“ABC is an agency which goes above and beyond providing basic service for their clients. They truly value the nannies whom they place and genuinely care about the families whom they serve. I would give ABC Nannies my highest recommendation.”
Cindy Wilkinson—ABC Nanny

“The family you placed me with is a perfect fit. We love each other. Everything is just so easy and effortless with us. I did not know I could find such a perfect match, it is just right in every way. Thank you so much.”
Christie Sloan—ABC Nanny and Nanny Manager

“Thank you for setting me up with such a great family! Your agency was so prompt and very attentive to what I was looking for in a family. We could not be a better match!”
Laurel K—ABC Nanny

“ABC nannies has always been a great company for me to work with. I met my current family 2.5 years ago and I know I will be part of their lives for many years to come. The ABC office staff has always been helpful when I have had questions or concerns, and they take the time to do their job well. They matched me with a wonderful family that was exactly what I was looking for in every aspect and I couldn’t be happier with my job! Thank you to them!”
Janny W.—ABC Nanny

“ABC Nannies, Inc. has a strong and sound understanding of the critical need for superior childcare. Their outstanding placement skills and thorough knowledge of family and nanny dynamics makes for happy and enduring relationships. ABC Nannies is the exception to the rule!”
Marni Kent—ABC Nanny