Temporary Nanny Spotlight: Tami

Tami is one of our outstanding Temporary Nannies--caring for children day to day, and some on an ongoing basis-- and we so excited to honor her with this month's nanny spotlight. With over 25 years of nanny and childcare experience under her belt, our clients trust Tami implicitly and give her the best reviews. We asked this seasoned nanny to share a little bit of her experience, and her knowledge, with us and we are so glad we did. Here is what Tami had to say, in her own words: "I have been working with children since the age of 12. I sat in my driveway with a typewriter and made flyers and passed them out in my neighborhood, thus began my career with children. I started my first home daycare in 1989 in California, and most recently, closed another daycare in Oregon in 2009, after a ten year run. My plan was to start another in my home after moving to Colorado, but I found ABC Nannies, and I have enjoyed meeting new families and loving their babies for 3+ years now!

I am CPR/First-Aid certified, I have many training certificates from my daycare days, and I also Google and read relevant information, based on specific situations of different children's needs, regularly. Watching and helping children discover the world, brings a lot of joy to my heart. I love seeing their eyes get big as they see something, or learn something for the first time. I feel blessed to play a small part in the raising and nurturing of so many beautiful children in my community.

If I was to share just one piece of advice with other nannies, it would be to communicate well with the parents of the children you care for. Including specific details about the child's day not only helps the parents know what to expect for the upcoming hours, but also shows the parents that you are very involved with the child in their absence."

We love Tami's story and love her advice. Thank you Tami for being a kind, consistent, thoughtful and reliable temporary nanny--you make ABC what it is today!