Nanny Manager Spotlight: Kaelyn

We are so excited to spotlight another amazing ABC Nanny, Ms. Kaelyn T, whom we've had the pleasure of placing in two long-term nanny/nanny manager positions during her nearly 10 year career. When she walked through our doors three years ago, we knew, within minutes, any family would be lucky to hire this amazing nanny: college educated, articulate, compassionate, thoughtful, proactive and flexible. Ativan take by injection into a vein or muscle by slow worker Ativan 1 mg In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Kaelyn truly loves what she does! We know she has a heart for children, her employers know that, and her charges know it too because it comes through in everything she does, day in and day out, without fail. After so many years caring for children we wondered: what is that she loves best about being a nanny/nanny manager? Kaelyn answered "I would have to say that the best part is being able to see the direct impact that we as nannies have on our charge's lives in regards to their developmental growth and how they come to understand the world around them. Things as simple as a 1 year old suddenly pointing to a dog and saying "woof" (after spending weeks teaching him/her that dogs say "woof") brings the greatest joy to my heart."

When asked if there was any advice she could share with other nannies, Kaelyn told us that the "most valuable thing that I have learned over the years is to never settle when it comes to finding the right family to work for! I know that it is easier said than done when you aren't stressing over finding a way to pay the rent. However, you should always put in the extra effort to ask the right questions during interviews (parenting philosophies is a huge one for me) and be honest with yourself if you feel like it isn't going to be the right fit- you will thank yourself in the long run!"

Kaelyn is a shining star in the Denver nanny community and we are honored to work with her. Congratulations Kaelyn--we are so proud of you!