Summer Childcare

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Comprehensive Childcare Coverage

Ah…summertime in Colorado!  We love summer, but for many busy families it’s not all bright sun and blue skies. Although the children are on summer vacation, most parents are not and finding comprehensive childcare coverage can be difficult. Enrolling children in several different camps, shuttling them to and from practices, arranging seasonal outings, coordinating play dates and planning fieldtrips can be extremely stressful parents.

For many Colorado families, hiring a summer nanny is the answer to their seasonal childcare dilemma. Summer nannies provide flexibility, transportation and a summer filled with fun and education activities tailored to your children’s interests. In contrast to structured camp programs or childcare centers, where you have to choose between programs with start and end times that are tough to accommodate, as a nanny employer you can set your summer nanny’s schedule based on your family’s needs. ABC summer nannies work full-time (35-50+ hours) and part-time (20-34 hours). Further, our summer nannies are able to transport children, either in the family vehicle or their own vehicle, and are happy to take your kiddos to and from fun and educational activities, outings and fieldtrips. With an ABC summer nanny, your children can enjoy downtime at home, have activities customized to their interests, and you can get the peace of mind knowing your hired the best care possible.

While finding a summer nanny on your own can be a tremendous undertaking; ABC Nannies makes the process quick and simple. To get started, simply fill out our ABC-Family-Application-Agreement and a trained consultant will contact you for a consultation.

We look forward to working with you soon!