Long-Term Childcare

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How It Works: The ABC’s of Hiring Through ABC

We Learn About Your Unique Needs

Upon receiving your Family Application we will contact you to schedule an in-depth consultation, either in-your home, in our Cherry Creek office, or over the phone, to better understand your needs, preferences, and expectations. In addition to the consultation, we will provide you with a resource packet to ensure the interviewing, hiring, and employment process goes as smoothly (and efficiently) as possible.

We Expertly Recruit & Carefully Screen Candidates for You

For 20+ years we’ve been building an extensive database of household employees—nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, household managers, personal assistants and more—whom we know, we trust, and we are fortunate enough to work with time and time again. In addition, our staff also recruits new, qualified candidates for each position specifically. It’s our job to find the needle in the haystack…and we’re good at it!

ABC clients can also rest assured that every prospective candidate goes through a rigorous and comprehensive screening process prior to being considered. Our trained consultants conduct a detailed in-person interview, carefully check professional and personal references, and ensure all long-term candidates are able to make a minimum one year commitment (multi-year preferred). Prospective candidates are not only evaluated on their experience, aptitude, and expertise but also on their dedication and integrity. At ABC, we strive to represent only the best..

We Hand-Select Qualified Candidates for Your Position

After considering your specific needs, preferences, and expectations, our expert matchmakers will hand-select only the best candidates for your position. Rather than inundating you with dozens of unqualified applicants, our Long-term Consultants will present only a small handful of candidates—complete with a detailed application and thorough references—that are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. Most ABC clients only interview a few candidates before hiring. Our goal is to make the process simple and stress-free, from beginning to end.

We Make Hiring The Right Person Easy

Once you’ve chosen the ideal candidate for your family, ABC Nannies will skillfully lead you through hiring and household employment process. Our trained consultants will help you extend an offer to the candidate, advise you on the details of a work agreement, run a thorough and complete background check on your chosen employee and outline the results, manage expectations to ensure long-term success, and guide you through the tax and payroll process. Let us handle the details so you can focus on what’s most important: your family.

We Are Your Go-To Resource For All Things In-Home

Our knowledgeable and friendly team of consultants (link to About Us page) not only offers advice, support, education and feedback throughout the placement process, they also act as a resource after the placement has been made. Do you need help negotiating an annual raise? Wonder what’s standard for an increase when your second baby arrives? Need a temporary nanny to fill in when your nanny is sick? No matter your question or conundrum, call us. From your first day with your nanny to your last, if you need us, we’ll be here. Why? It’s simple: we care.