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23rd Annual Nanny Picnic & School Supply Drive a Success

Each year, we are fortunate to have a few days that are truly memorable, today marks one of those days. This day--our Nanny Picnic--is always among the top for us all. For the 23rd year, the staff of ABC Nannies, and owners Ginger Swift and Jami Dennis, were delighted to welcome over 100 nannies and [...]

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After-School Care: Your Local Childcare Options

This fall, your youngest will be entering school full-time. Ah, a sigh of relief – your childcare woes are behind you! And then reality hits: how do you fill the gap between the end of your children’s school day and the end of your work day? How do you get them to soccer practice or [...]

Times Are a Changing–Consider NCS Training

Today's parents are savvy. They value education and specialization, especially when it comes to their children. And now more than ever, our clients are seeking high-value specialists and experts in the nanny industry, those who are more specialized and able to offer innovative care solutions. In fact, over the last few years we've seen experienced nannies [...]

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10 Reasons Nannies Should Work with an Agency

A share from our talented friends at Nanny Care Hub Ten Reasons You Should Use A Nanny Agency In Your Job Search I worked as a nanny for 23 years and I’ve used just about every job search avenue out there.  Newspapers (yes, the print kind they had before the internet!), full service placement agencies [...]

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Soon the Nest will be Empty…

This past fall my oldest child left for college. It was fun helping him get ready, buying the necessities of your first year in the dorms. On the day of the departure, he packed up the car (he wouldn’t let us do a thing) and off we went--the four of us, as always: brother, sister, [...]

Nanny of the Year Nominations Now Being Accepted

Is your nanny exceptional? Does your nanny deserve to be honored for their contribution to your family or to the in-home care industry as a whole? If so, we’d encourage you to recognize your nanny’s professional achievements by nominating them for ABC Nanny of the Year! Each year, in conjunction with National Nanny Training Day—Denver, [...]

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Denver Nanny Agency Honored as Best of the Best

APNA Honors was created as a way to recognize members for their achievements within the in-home industry and  for service that elevates us all.  Each year a committee reviews nominations and selects members that have proven they continuously provide high-quality service and strive to exceed client and candidate expectations. We are proud to announce that ABC [...]

Best Nanny & Babysitting Jobs In Colorado

Are you seeking a new in-home position, either nanny, babysitter or household professional? If so, please visit Our Jobs page to review all of our active/open domestic positions. At ABC Nannies, we represent high-end, appreciative and professional families who are seeking care: for their children, their homes, and for their estates, on a short-term (1 week-9+months) or long-term [...]

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Parenting Teens With Success

I’m very blessed to have two well-behaved teenagers. So far, we’ve had no crazy parties, no drugs, no get the picture. Luckily, my boy (now 19 and at a great college) and my girl (almost 16) are nothing like their parents! I really think the *Love and Logic upbringing, focused on providing children with [...]

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